Brown was the toast of training camp and the preseason as he made spectaculars plays left and right, and the rookie out of small school Pittsburg State came up big for Arizona in their win over the Niners. The rookie reeled in four receptions for 52 yards on six targets, and his two touchdowns ended up being the difference in the game as the Cardinals mounted a second-half comeback.

Brown was used in a variety of roles, but his speed was an obvious factor on his two touchdowns. Here was one, which pulled the Cardinals to within one point in the 3rd quarter:

The Cardinals use Brown initially way on the outside, then motion him in to a bunch formation before snapping the ball. With Michael Floyd and Larry Fitzgerald next to Brown, I can’t say I blame the Niners’ defense all too much for focusing in a little too long the Cardinals’ two big downfield threats. In what looks like either a miscommunicated coverage assignment caused by the motion, or simply a late break by safety Eric Reid as he keyed in on Floyd and Fitzgerald, Brown is able to scurry across the field on a crossing route and easily gets the angle.

Brown would grab another touchdown pass on Arizona’s next drive, sneaking past rookie Jimmie Ward, who thought he had help over the top.

Still, you have to give credit to Bridgewater for not turning the ball over and also leading his team to two field goals in a very hostile environment.

It will be interesting and exciting to watch all three of these quarterbacks develop over the coming weeks, especially since there were so many different opinions on all three guys before the draft. It may not be how the Vikings and Jaguars preferred their young quarterbacks start their careers, but the future is now for those franchises. I don’t think there will be any turning back.1

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