during the second half of the NFL game at AT&T Stadium on October 11, 2015 in Arlington, Texas.

Bortles’ mechanics regressed last season, too. He’s spending more than two months in California working with his throwing coach at 3DQB to correct those issues, and Bortles believes that will help his accuracy (58.8 percent career passer rating) and cut down on turnovers.

Coughlin said an improved running game and upgrades along the offensive line — they are working to finalize a trade for Miami left tackle Branden Albert and are expected to target a guard in free agency — should help.

“To improve the quarterback, I think we have to also improve the protection and all those components around him,” Coughlin said.

Another of those components, Coughlin said, is toughness. While he stopped short of calling the Jaguars soft over the past several seasons, he did say that element was missing from the franchise. Whether it was players’ not fighting through injuries or breaking down mentally at crucial parts of the game, it was a big reason the Jaguars haven’t won more than five games in a season since 2010.

“This league can benefit from more of that attitude [of toughness], and this team from that attitude as well,” Coughlin said. “You’re a pro. This isn’t pass and tap. It’s a tough game. It’s a tough business. You’ve got to play through some things if your team is going to succeed. … Certainly I’m not talking about a serious injury; I’m talking about things that can be played with.

“At times [the Jaguars lacked toughness]. It may not be the key word, but it is part of it. There’s a mental toughness part of this thing I’m talking about, too. You’ve got to finish.”

If you’re the person who stole Tom Brady’s Super Bowl 51 jersey, congratulations: the police just valued the jersey at $500,000. My question is, if you’re in possession of that jersey, what’s your next move? Do you try selling it on the black market and risk being found? Do you return the jersey and hope Brady is so overcome with joy that he gives you some signed memorabilia in exchange?