The first week of April is great for sports fans, because you ve got MLB s opening day coinciding with the end of the NCAA tournament.

He also went to school at Arizona State, so he Cheap Knicks Jerseys s right at home in Phoenix. Who can blame him for wanting to celebrate his birthday here?

Kipnis is on the disabled list right now with a shoulder injury that will have him missing 10 days. So naturally he headed to Phoenix to watch the game, but he couldn t miss out on his own team s first road game against the Texas Rangers.

One might think the FBI would have more pressing issues to attend to, but it had to become involved because the theft of Brady s jerseys was an international issue.

Glazer said on Fox Sports Undisputed on Monday Cheap Knock Off Jerseys that the person who took the jersey had followed Bill Belichick into the Patriots locker room after the game. Video from the locker room revealed that this person of interest was carrying a backpack and left with something under his arm.

Acevedo tweeted that the Houston Major Offenders division had located the jerseys in Mexico. He confirmed that the jerseys had been recovered with assistance from Mexican authorities. According to the Associated Press, the Houston Police Department was operating off of a tip from an informant.

The NFL is referring all questions about the case to the FBI, because the investigation is ongoing. The FBI s satellite office in Boston currently has both jerseys and is working to authenticate them, according to the Associated Press report.

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