Game No. 1 in Russell Westbrook’s historic season did not start off with a triple-double, but it still contained one of his most memorable moments. A Philadelphia fan flipped Westbrook the double bird, and he gave us a reaction that can be meme’d forever.

Westbrook handled that better than a lot of other people would have.

Westbrook didn’t wait long to start re-imagining what was possible in the modern NBA. In only the second game of the season against the Phoenix Suns, Westbrook finished with 51 points, 13 rebounds, and 10 assists. It was the first 50-point triple-double since Kareem Abdul-Jabbar did it in 1975.

This was just the beginning for Westbrook. He would finish with three 50-point triple-doubles on the season.

It’s hard not to fall prey to this age of hyper information, where spectacular things can grow old within a few hours, but I hope that we have not reached the point of great achievements in the NBA being disregarded as monotonous or overrated. Because as a fan, analyst, or writer, the immediate inclination is always to wonder at the sport. The science should elevate that sense. The science is not there to pull out the thread to the point of exhaustion and anxiety.

Westbrook has averaged a triple-double over an 82-game NBA season, in a league of 30 teams. He’s achieved something only done once before, in 1962, when the league only had nine teams. The numbers are round and simple, but they’re still incredible. A lot of players have come close, but only Westbrook has done what he has done. And if the players themselves, the ones who know firsthand the difficulty Cheap Jordan Jerseys China of Cheap Retro Basketball Jerseys the work, think it’s a commendable feat, I hope we’re not at the point of discounting even their wonder for our own selfish reasons.

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