Tony Bradley is the only UNC player wearing pink shoes at the 2017 NCAA championship game.

He began wearing them for his great-grandmother, Flossie, who died from breast cancer. Earlier in 2017, the team all wore special pinkish-burgundy shoes for Coaches against Cancer week.

Bradley kept on though. It can maybe be a little bit of a touch of superstition, but mostly just to wear them, he said, according to the ACC. We started out wearing these for breast cancer awareness and I like pink and it stands out a little bit. All of us try to do the same thing.

So he s covering all his bases honoring Flossie, but he s also not trying to mess up a good thing.

Here s another cliche for you: If it ain t broke, don t fix it. Rounds of golf for the average person we ve gone about it the wrong way. So we need to reinvent the wheel. Make the game faster. No bunkers in front of greens that little old ladies and men cannot hit the ball over and stop the ball. They like to run the ball up put the trouble on the sides. We ve gone about it the entire wrong way and that s what has hurt the game of golf. It s hurt the average person playing.

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Yes, I was here.

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